What is a Premium Domain?

A Premium Domain is a domain name that holds greater value because it is short, descriptive and keyword-rich. Premium domains are the best way to make sure that potential customers and search engines can easily find you online.

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Build Online and Offline Credibility with a Premium Domain Name

A Premium Domain name can give your company immediate credibility and a competitive edge. Domains that are long, overly-hyphenated, or have unfamiliar extensions, are often synonymous with spam sites that offer little value to the visitor or can even be dangerous or unsecure.

Having a memorable, customized domain and professional website shows potential customers that you are an established, legitimate business. Studies show that widely recognized, established extension like .com or .net elicit more trust amongst visitors, resulting in improved click-through rate and sales.

Premium Domain Names are Easy to Remember

The right domain name that is short, descriptive, and easy to remember gives customers and search engines an easy way to remember and find you. A good tip is to imagine your domain name in action, so pronounce the domain three times aloud; does it sound natural? Or imagine yourself telling a potential customer about your website; is it easy to convey and remember? A solid online address is the ticket to your website’s traffic so it is critical that customers easily know how to find you.

It’s Smart Business to Invest in a Premium Domain Name

Just like in physical real estate, premium domain names can feature higher prices due to their traffic, built in SEO authority and innate credibility. Similar to setting up a business on Main Street, the purchase of a premium domain name is smart for business as it will pay for itself through increased traffic, customers and ultimately greater revenue.