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Today’s Arcade Looks a Little Different

Though the term “arcade” may elicit memories from the 1980s, today’s arcade escaped the brick and mortar limitation and can now be accessed through a myriad of connected devices.  Since the early 2000’s, the gaming industry continues to grow with an impressive 59% of Americans who play either video or computer games.  The profile of the average game player may be a surprise as well; no longer is it the stereotypical geeky young male teenager. Rather, today’s gamer averages 31 years of age and with only a slight gender skew at 52% male and 48% female. There is also a significant segment of 50+ year old gamers, which increased by 32% from 2012-2013.

Growth of Online Gaming

Video game consumption is now turning to alternate delivery methods beyond the traditional console, many of which are accessed through various websites and apps.  This means that the arcade is never as far as your pocket and wireless device.  The potential application for a domain name like in today’s digital landscape is vast; it could be developed as an e-commerce website or even a portal to access a variety of different games.

Factors that are contributing to the growth of this industry include the increase in the number of games that can be played online, the growing numbers of women and adults joining the fun, and the technological advances that allow access from multiple devices.   The excitement and adoption of the gaming industry confirm that is an excellent investment.

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