Domain Purchasing Tips

Domain Purchasing Tips

Your domain name is your online real estate, so obtaining a strong and relevant domain is paramount to your online visibility and success.

If you’re in the market for a new domain name but not sure which name is right for you, consider the following important criteria to ensure you that you find the best domain for your new business. Then put them into practice by searching here.


When selecting a domain name, you will want to choose a domain that fits with your business, meaning it is relevant to your business name, product, or industry, so that customers can easily associate your domain to your business. If for example you own Sally’s Pet Toys, you might want to look into purchasing or These domains communicate to customers exactly what you sell and work to promote your store name simultaneously. Avoid something like, which suggests a completely different industry.


Keep in mind that you want to catch consumers attention and have them remember you. You’ll want to choose a domain name that is easy to remember, spell, and say. This is normally best achieved by selecting a short domain name that is straightforward in communicating what your business has to offer customers.

Imagine yourself telling a potential customer about your website. Does it sound natural? Is it easy to convey and remember?

Keyword Rich

When it comes to building your web presence, it’s essential that you are aware of relevant keywords. If your domain name is an exact match of a search keyword, your website will likely appear near the top of those results, which can help your site get valuable traffic. Consider the most popular and relevant keyword searches for your business and see if they are available as domain names. You can determine the level of search interest by using Google’s free keyword tool.

Appropriate Extension(s) or TLD

.com is the most popular domain extension. Others that are well-known and can deliver value are .net and .org, and some country code extensions (depending on where you are doing business – think You must consider your competition and whether you want to buy all the extensions for your domain name. If you sell products to an international market, consider country-code domains.

Finding Similar Domains

If there are multiple domains that fit your business, you should consider protecting your brand and increasing your reach by securing multiple names. There could be several opportunities to gain search engine traffic. You can develop these domains into product-focused microsites, redirect them to your primary domain, or simply hold on to them as a defensive strategy.

With these tips you should feel more prepared in embarking on your domain purchasing process. To get started, visit and search the millions of premium domains offered in our inventory.  With so many options you are sure to find one, if not many, domains that will be the perfect fit for your business.

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