Don’t Settle for an Almost Domain

When setting up a new website or a new web-based business, one of the most important factors is choosing a good domain name. We’d all like to have our first choice of domains – say,,, or – but let’s face it – that’s not going to happen. So, we get creative, looking for unique, memorable and relevant domains that aren’t taken.

Unfortunately, it can seem at times like EVERYTHING is taken! So, often we settle. We settle for an almost domain. One that is nearly what we want, one that is close enough. Well, I’m here to tell you – don’t do it! Don’t settle for an almost domain! Here’s why:


.com remains king

Everyone prefers a .com domain over a .net, .org, .tv, etc. domain. Unfortunately, in many cases you’ll find the domain you want, but the .com is taken. You might think that going with the .net or .biz domain is good enough, but you may want to think again.

First off, consider if the .com domain is already hosted by your competitor. If you buy, and your main competitor has an established presence on, you’ll find it extremely difficult to remain competitive. Not to mention, there could be legal implications for using such a similar name.

Lastly, most people still associate “websites” with “.com”. While you or I may be familiar with the hundreds of other TLDs available, the average Joe simply is not. Dot-com domains inspire trust and authority, while other TLDs struggle to capture the faith of the average internet user.


Punctuation is confusing

If is taken, you may be tempted to opt for While punctuation certainly has its place, that place is not in the middle of your domain name! Domains with hyphens are difficult to remember, and often too similar to competitors’ domains. Plus, if your business ever expands to advertising on the radio or TV, you’ll have to speak the name of your domain – which simply doesn’t work very well if there are hyphens involved!


Spelling is hard

If your desired domain is taken, you may be tempted to ignore the laws of grammar and go with a misspelled domain. For example, you might snag, because is already taken! While these domains can have some value for accidental type-in traffic, they simply don’t have the proper authority that a correctly-spelled domain has. It’s also best to avoid using numbers in your domain, or using words that have multiple spellings or meanings.


You can’t go back

Well, you can – but you won’t want to after putting a ton of work into your website! The reality is that you want to pick a good domain so that you can build on it for years to come, and be proud of your work. If you settle for an almost domain, you may be tempted at some point down the road to rebrand with a new domain. While rebranding is certainly possible – and has its benefits in some circumstances – it’s a TON of work, and usually not worth it if the rebrand includes an actual name change.



So the next time you’re in search of a domain name, don’t settle for an almost domain. Hang in there, get creative, and go back to the drawing board if necessary. can help you find the perfect premium domain name for your new site.


Eric Brantner is an internet marketer with more than a decade of experience building high-traffic websites. He’s recently launched, a website that covers all things related to driving and driver safety.

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