I Bought a Domain, Now What?…5 Tips for the Domain Owner Newbie!

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Have you ever thought about purchasing a domain but are unsure about what to do once it’s in your ownership? Here, we are going to break down the top 5 next steps to domain ownership and development.

1)      Check your Domain Expiration Date: Every domain has to be registered from year to year; you can go ahead and buy multiple years of registration (up to 10 years) at any one time. You will want to ensure you keep your registration current otherwise you risk letting it lapse and losing the ownership rights to the domain, so we recommend buying registration in bulk!


2)      Find a Hosting Company: If you are planning to develop the domain into a website you will need a hosting provider. A hosting provider is the company that you use to get your domain online and populating to a website. Most often your registrar will have hosting options available to you and there are hundreds of hosting companies out there too.


3)      Setup Social Media Accounts: Secure the Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin handles for your new domain immediately.  In the long run this will help when you are ready to start your marketing efforts and it will enable opportunities to brand your new domain.


4)      Purchase other TLDs: Once you purchase your domain, you will want to purchase subsequent domains that are the same but with a different TLD. (Example: You purchase cats.com, you will then want to go out and purchase cats.net, .org, .biz, etc…) This will help you when your site is live because you can then use these other extensions to redirect traffic right back to your original domain purchase.  Also you will then be the sole owner of that domain name once you buy up all the other extensions, eliminating any competitors and ensuring your customers do not get confused.


5)      Park Your Domain: Maybe you buy the domain but are not able to use it right away; this is where parking would come in handy. You can park your domain at a parking company and potentially earn revenue just for pointing your domain to the parking DNS (Domain Name Servers).  This in turn will help you build traffic to your domain and develop an online existence.

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