Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a new domain name isn’t easy. There are hundreds of thousands of options to choose from and making a decision can seem overwhelming. The right domain name is critical to your online success, so it’s important to take the time to find the domain name that’s the best fit for your website. Below are the topics you should take into consideration before you commit to a domain name.


Domain Name Relevance

There should be a clear connection between your domain name and the topic of your website. Domains that are too generic can make it difficult for your audience to find you, driving down your traffic numbers and sales. Search for a domain name that describes your business or matches your branding initiatives. For example, instead of choosing for your online pet toy store, consider instead. The smallest tweaks to your domain name can make a major impact on its effectiveness.


Domain Name Memorability

Find a domain name that is catchy, short, easy to spell, and easy to say. Pronounce the domain three times aloud. Does it sound natural? Now imagine you’re telling a potential customer about your website. Is it easy to convey and remember? Does it make sense for your business? Finally, write down your domain name. Is it easy to distinguish your business name or keywords, or is it hard to tell what the domain name should be conveying? All of these factors matter, especially when communicating your domain name to your audience.


Keyword Inclusion

Your domain name should contain the keywords that are most relevant to your business or industry. If your domain name is an exact match of a search inquiry, your website will likely appear at the top of the search results. This will help your website generate valuable website traffic. Brainstorm the most popular search terms and keywords that relate to your business. If possible, include these terms in your domain name.


Domain Extension

The most popular domain extension is .COM. If your .COM domain name isn’t available, there are other options that can be just as valuable. First, check to see if the domain is available for sale as a premium domain. If you still aren’t having any luck finding your .COM, start looking at alternative domain extensions. .NET and .ORG are two common and trustworthy extensions. Right behind them are a handful of popular nTLD extensions such as .CO, .BIZ, and .INFO. If your business has a physical storefront or has close ties to your location, search to see if your country code domain name is example, such as a .CA for Canada or .US for the United States.


Acquiring Similar Domains

You may find a number of attractive domains for your business. You should consider protecting your brand and increasing your reach by securing multiple names, including names with different domain extensions. For example, in addition to purchasing, you should check out the availability of,,, and more. There could be multiple opportunities to get search engine traffic. You can develop these domains into product-focused microsites, redirect them to your primary domain, or simply hold on to them as a defensive strategy.


A strong domain name is invaluable. Don’t rush into a domain name that is unable to support your business initiatives. has millions of available domain names with trustworthy domain extensions and essential keywords. Secure your domain name today before it’s gone.

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