Top 5 Domain Buying Mistakes

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When starting a new business or venture, selecting a new domain name is a necessity. In fact, the right domain name has gone from being a nice-to-have, to an essential ingredient that can impact the success or failure of your marketing efforts.

Learn from these mistakes so that the name you choose for your domain is a successful one.

1. You’re trying to be too cool

Didn’t your mother ever tell you to “just be yourself”? Sure there are some very alluring naming trends out there today, such as dropping the “e” on names like Flickr or Tumblr.  A trendy domain name might sound cutting-edge today but in a few years’ time it will immediately sound dated. And, in the meantime, it can cause confusion. Even Flickr had to buy Think about your naming selection like fashion and don’t brand your company with the acid-wash jean equivalent of domain names.

2. Your domain name is way too long

This one should be obvious but with a lot of factors at play it can be a challenge: you want your domain name to mirror your business name, but also provide insight into what your business does, to not be confused with competitors, etc.  This is the cardinal rule of domain name selection; the longer your domain name, the more likely a person is to forget the address, make a mistake when typing it in or give up and not even attempt to remember the name.

3. Your name has numbers or hyphens

Trying to get the perfect domain name can be a challenge, and it may seem like the addition of hyphens or numbers would be the solution, but picture this: you’re networking at a swanky cocktail party and telling a new colleague to go check out your business. If your domain name includes hyphens or irrelevant numbers, it can be a real mouthful to communicate. And it also sends a distinct message about the credibility (or lack thereof) of your business.

4. You chose words that are difficult to remember or spell

Even if your preferred domain name doesn’t include words that would classify them for a spelling bee final, think about the more common areas of confusion.  Words with “ie” or “ei” in them often get misspelled so avoid it if you can…also make sure to buy the domains of the most common misspellings.

5. You didn’t consider how it reads without spaces or capitalization

There are countless examples of how domain names can go wrong. Look at your perspective domain name without capitals, without those nice spaces that define each word to the next. Make sure you’re not accidentally sending a very embarrassing inappropriate message!  Here’s a PG-rated example of how this can go terribly wrong: a tourism company focusing on Spain called “Choose Spain”. If they purchase an exact-match of their domain name, it could easily be read as Needless to say, that website no longer exists.

Avoid these domain name pitfalls and you’ll set your new business up for online marketing success! BuyDomains has the largest inventory of high-quality, brandable domain names available for sale.  To find a domain that’s right for you, just search

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