Want to Own Your Domain Name for Life?

domain for life

Our customers who are interested in owning their domain name for life are pleased to hear that when a premium domain is purchased, they own it forever.  However there is one very important caveat: the domain owner must maintain the domain’s registration.  Fortunately, domain registration is inexpensive and easy to keep up to date.  In fact, most registrars offer the option of multi-year registration, and also send automatic expiration alerts well before your domain registration expires, which makes maintaining registration easy.

Your premium domain purchase is an investment.  There are many attributes to names that BuyDomains sells every day that make it a valuable asset, including memorability, its short length, its strong TLD (like .com, or .net), and other characteristics that contribute to its value.

Domains have various registration status codes that range from “active” to “pending delete”.  It’s very important to maintain an active status. If you don’t maintain registration for your domain name, the registrars can change your domain’s status and eventually delete them.  For example, if your domain status has slipped to “registrar-hold”, it is possible to re-acquire your name, but much more costly and complicated than simply maintaining registration.

Here are the two most important things you can do to maintain your domain registration, and protect your investment by insuring ownership for life.

  • Select multi-year registration when you initially register your domain name, or when you review your domain name registration.
  • Make sure your contact information stays up to date with your registrar to insure you receive the renewal alerts.

Follow these easy guidelines and enjoy that domain name for a many years to come.

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