What is a Domain Name anyway?


Internet web addresses can be confusing. But for any business today it’s essential to own a good one. In this article, we will answer what is a domain name, explain some of the important properties, and put you on the path to find one.

A domain name is like a street address. It directs visitors to where your website is located. Since the internet is organized based on IP addresses (or strings of numbers), web servers need a domain name system (or DNS) to make the link between your street address and your IP address(es).

A domain name consists of (at least) a second-level domain (SLD), which is made up of the characters to the left of the dot, and a top-level-domain (TLD), the characters to the right of the dot.  Some common TLDs are .com, .org, .net, .me, etc.  In the web address www.BuyDomains.com, the SLD is BuyDomains whereas the TLD is .com.  New TLDs like .travel, .club, and .shop will be available soon as well, increasing choices for businesses and individuals looking to make a presence on the web.

Domain names are used to create a unique identity. Just like phone numbers, no two domain names exist. When your site visitors enter your domain name into their browser, this web address is used to find the IP address(es) associated with your domain name. Once this happens, your website is served up. Having an easy to remember domain name, or web address, makes it more likely that your business will be found when typed into a web browser. Having fewer characters, common spelling, and less dashes in your domain name all increase the chances that a visitor will find your website. Just like your company name, logo or phone number, you want your domain name to be as strong as possible.

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