Evolving Your Domain Strategy; From One to Many

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Gone are the days of buying the name of your company as your domain name, creating an online business, and waiting for the traffic to come to your site.  There are many different strategies today that you can employ – and that your competitors may already be using- to drive more traffic to your site.  Identifying several different ways for your customers to find you on line is the new normal, and the best way to grow your business beyond your digital zip code.

Buying your tag line

Does your company have a tag line?  Are there phrases that describe what you do, or brand promises that you identify with that could be turned into a memorable domain name?  McDonalds owns their well-known tag line ImLovingIt.com, which simply redirects to their main site, www.McDonalds.com.  Using a tag line gives their customers a more enjoyable way of finding their site, while at the same time reinforcing their tag line.

A recent Forbes article describes the owner of the freight company AirFreight.com who purchased several premium domain names including ExpeditedFreight.com, SameDayDelivery.com and many other similar names.  He is not only outperforming delivery giants like FedEx.com in search results, but he is keeping his competition from buying up these names as well.

Buying new TLDs

Thanks to ICANN, the governing body that is responsible for IP addresses, there are hundreds of new TLD options available ranging from generic words like .space and .guru to specific and niche words like .travel and .service.  With availability much wider and names more accessible than many premium .com names, with low prices to match, it makes sense to consider buying any versions of your company name or phrases that describe your products or services to create a memorable domain name.  Some examples of brandable gTLD websites include Website.Builders, Leadership.Training and Visit.London.  All you need is a little creativity to come up with your own unique web address.

There are many different paths to choose when developing a domain name strategy.  One thing is for sure, one domain is not enough.  Our own customer research shows that only 8% of BuyDomains customers own one domain name, whereas 22% own 100+ domains.   With all of the available options today, between primary registration, premium registration and new TLDs, it’s easy to create your own unique and successful domain name strategy.

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