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What if you could make the world a better place with positive impacts? We’re talking about making a real difference in the communities that need it most, from providing clean drinking water in Cambodia to feeding a rescued puppy in Virginia. And what if all it took to help those in need was joining a social network? This is the vision Kai Buehler and his team had: a community of people from all over the world collecting and redeeming online points that could translate into real money for charitable causes. Add in the ability to track your positive karma and share it with your friends, and Kai had a brilliant idea for a new social community.


As an aspiring online-based community, Kai faced major strategic challenges, especially when it came to growing his user base. What the business needed was a strong online presence that included a comprehensive branding strategy. The business needed a solid foundation to grow on and that foundation was the right domain name. As a major component of his brand, the domain needed to be unforgettable and meaningful. When Kai found on BuyDomains, he knew it was a perfect fit.


“We upgraded from a previous domain name to to build a memorable and catchy brand name. Since then, has taken off,” said Kai on the purchase of his premium domain. “The process of acquiring was seamless from start to finish.”


The relaunch of the new has proven to be a success. Not only has increased the business’ SEO rankings, but Kai has also experienced better brand visibility and higher website traffic. He says their premium domain has helped boost sales and donations to their nonprofit partners. So far,’s users have made over 50,000 positive impacts around the world, directly benefiting 150 charitable organizations with their missions.


The future for looks bright as they continue to grow with the aid of their new domain name. “Recently, we were able to complete our brand switchover by registering our trademark. None of this would have been possible without our premium domain from BuyDomains.”


What provided to Kai and his company is invaluable- an instant brand. The right premium domain name will directly support your branding efforts, and the positive effects of a recognizable brand will trickle-down to all sectors of your business. If you think your business and brand needs a makeover like, then start searching for your premium domain name today on Don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow (or start!) your business.


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