It’s Kick Off Time!

I'm totally ok with the fact that fantasy football is now consuming our lives

The football season is heating up and football fans across the nation are tuning in to watch their favorite teams and players. But the National Football League has proved to be more than just a game. For many football fanatics it is a way of life, and simply watching the game is not enough. With all the real time updates available online, along with the ability to check scores and watch the game on your mobile phone, and the prevalence of fantasy football, people have the ability to be plugged into the game 24/7.

The internet has become a great resource for game highlights, scores and stats, and better yet, fantasy football. The search results for the term “fantasy football” returns nearly 10 million results, indicating a tremendous amount of search traffic. Last year alone, fantasy football enticed over 33 million participants and earned over a $1 billion profit!

Consumers want to be a part of the action and fantasy football allows them to be, while simultaneously motivating them to constantly search online for game, score, and player updates. With the growing number of participants and increasing search possibilities with an entire season ahead, now would be an opportune time to tap into the online fan base with a football related domain name.

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