Happy 25th, Web. Now You Can Rent a Car! …Or Just Show Us Where To.

wrapped present on keyboard

For anybody under the age of 20 it is hard to imagine what life would be like without the web. Back in 1989 a British computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee wrote a paper proposing the architecture that would become the World Wide Web.

His intent: A simple file-sharing service for scientists. Instead, it paved the way for the tech giants of today, to simplify the things we do every day. He went on to develop an invention that has revolutionized the lives of billions.

In 1995 a mere 14 percent of Americans told the Pew Research Center they used the internet. Maybe it had something to do with those primitive, screeching and slow dial-up modems.

According to pew, that number jumped to 46 percent by 2000… and stands at 87 percent today — the coupling of wi-fi and smartphones meaning the web is pretty much always at hand.

Usage and demand continues to peak. In fact, just 3 months ago, all 4-character .COM domain names have been registered.  From AAAA.com to ZZZZ.com, all 456,976 combinations have been exhausted. The three-character .com domains have been used up since 1997.

The future evolution of the Web is an exciting prospect and although there is much speculation, we can be sure it will drastically transform our lives.

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