What Happens When Someone Else Owns the Domain You Want?

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You’ve settled on a business name that describes your business perfectly, is ‘brandable’, and will be easy for your customers or clients to find you. Now it’s time to buy the domain so that you can establish your presence on line.  But what do you do if your perfect domain name is already taken?  You may be disappointed, or even angry, that someone else has set up shop on what you envisioned to be your perfect piece of digital real estate.

There is still an option that you can pursue as a last ditch effort to acquire the domain you want.  You can hire a domain broker from BuyDomains to reach out to the domain owner and make an offer on your behalf. Making an offer in this manner might be more likely successful than you would think; the owner may have forgotten about the website, or may not be interested in maintaining it any longer.  Selling it may be an appealing option.  For the right price, just about any website is for sale, and depending on your desire and budget, you may just be able to negotiate that dream domain.

BuyDomains agents can reach out to a domain owner on your behalf, present a confidential offer, and negotiate the sale of a domain with a third party. Keep in mind though that if the domain is developed, the owner may ask for a higher price. Having an idea of how much the domain is worth to you is an important part of buying a domain. You can also order a domain appraisal from BuyDomains, which will give you a realistic valuation for the domain you want.

There is always the possibility that the owner may have a well-established brand and is satisfied with their website, leaving you back at square one. But don’t be discouraged. BuyDomains has over six million great domain names for sale, many of which will be as good, or even better than the one that got away.  Our experienced domain executives can help you find other great domains that match your business’ needs.

Being open to suggestions will help you to find and buy the best available domain. Contacting BuyDomains is a great way to start your search. Call us today at 866-277-3420!

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