What’s Hot: Category Killer Domains

Let your domain dominate search rankings.
Category Killer Domains

Your domain name is the single most important property you can own – it is the gateway to your brand through which the majority of your customers will find you. Searching for a domain that matches your brand, generates site traffic, and is beneficial in search rankings can be difficult, but the shorter and more memorable the name is the better return on investment you will receive.

If you had to define your business using just one keyword, what would you choose? This one word will most likely define your industry or serve as a generalization of your business, making it the go-to keyword for consumers searching for your product or service.

For example, if you own a photography shop that takes and develops photographs, you might choose the word “photography” as your ideal keyword. Therefore the domain Photography.com would be extremely appealing and would offer a tremendous opportunity to develop and grow your web presence.

Selecting a keyword rich domain that is not only short, but also easy to remember for consumers presents increased search possibilities and promotes an immediate return on investment. With the right development a category killer domain, like one of the following, will instantly provide you with top search rankings and elevate your search traffic.


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