What’s Hot: Entertainment

As the month of January continues, consumers across the nation are tuned in to watched awards ceremonies. Whether they are watching for their favorite actors, artists, producers, or best dressed, people are absorbed and entertained by the lifestyles of celebrities. Today, entertainment has expanded beyond the movie screen. Consumers are interested in more information about what’s hot in Hollywood on a daily basis.

In order to keep up to date with what’s happening in the entertainment industry, consumers have turned to the internet for their daily dose of gossip. With the vast amounts of information to share, search traffic has experienced exponential growth. While the term “entertainment” receives 16.6 million searches online each month, related entertainment terms bring search traffic to over 692.1 million on a monthly basis!

This tremendous search growth offers the perfect opportunity to tap into increasing traffic potential with a new entertainment-related domain name, such as one of the following:

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