What’s Hot: Four Letter Domains

A couple weeks ago we highlighted the benefits of purchasing a three letter domain, suggesting that a short, memorable domain could be a very valuable asset for your small business. The same is also true for four letter domains. Whether your prospective domain is a single keyword or an acronym for your business name, there is a significant advantage to owning a four letter domain name.

A four letter domain can also be a great supplement to an already existing domain. If you’ve already purchased a domain for your business, you may be thinking that another is just unnecessary, but a multiple domain strategy can yield many benefits.

If for example, you own Anthony’s Pizza in Harlem and have already purchased the domain name AnthonysPizzaInHarlem.com, the domain APIH.com is great alternative domain to own as well. This four letter alternative is much easier for your audience to remember and quicker for them to type into the search bar. While you might purchase this second domain to further develop and claim your brand, it has the potential to serve as a perfect vanity URL. So if you plan to start a marketing campaign and want to track the traffic that it generates, using only the APIH.com name for advertising purposes, will help to narrow down what traffic was as a direct result of the campaign.

So whether you’re in the market for your first business domain or a new domain to keep business opportunities fresh, take advantage of a four letter domain like one of the following:
4 Letter Domains

Or if one of these domains doesn’t fit your business perfectly, search through the millions of premium domains available at BuyDomains. You can also contact one of our experienced sales representatives for more information at 781-839-2850 today!

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