Will You Be My Online Valentine?

Happy singles awareness day

On the day of the year with the most pressure to love and be loved, the hype is likely to get you singles feeling down. I’m here to say, don’t. First of all, let’s just admit that everyone going on a second or third date with some cute person they recently met is having a better time than the people slaving over elaborate dinners and layering their houses in roses. You know they are. Second, the internet has opened up an alternate, and effective, channel to find your very own future partner to do cheesy things with.

Online Dating

That’s right: online dating. Something every person in this century who is not in a relationship has considered, and probably shied away from. I know I spent my share of months browsing the selection of potential partners on dating sites. Despite the hesitation many feel to enter the universe of online singles, 76% of singles in the U.S. have tried online dating. That’s a lot of fish in the online sea. With such a high participation rate, investing in an online dating business is a move you can love. An online dating domain is the first step in saying I love you to your new business venture. The success of websites such as OkCupid, Match.com, and even Tinder is enough to justify the value behind a good online dating domain name.

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