5 Ways To Heat Up Your Online Marketing

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Often business slows down in the summer as customers and prospects take time off and go on vacation.  This slower seasonality is a great time for you to take a step back and think about ways you can improve your marketing, particularly your website, your largest digital marketing asset.  We’ve put together a list of the most impactful things you should be considering during the slower summer months that will help drive more traffic to your website, and convert this traffic into customers.

1. Secure Your Brand with Alternative TLDs: If you don’t already, it’s important to consider owning all of the domain extensions of your domain name.  For example, do you own the .com, .net, .org or any of the new TLDs that were released in 2013 and 2014?  If not, it’s a good idea to snap up as many of these variations as you can.  If you don’t own the .com yet, start researching what it would take to upgrade your domain.

Also consider buying the misspellings, alternate spellings, plural forms, and close variations of your primary domain name.  By doing this, you can be sure to retain any potentially confused visitor, as well as guard against other businesses buying and profiting from your name.

While you’re at it, do the same exercise for all social media platform handles.

2. Renew Your Domain Registration for Multiple Years: If you forget to register or re-register your premium domain name, you will most likely lose the name, and along with it the investment that you made.  Why not add years of registration to your domain name today, and protect your investment for years to come?

As an added bonus, search engines consider the length of site registration when determining a name’s domain authority and rankings in search results.

3. Verify Your Domain’s Security:  You want your customers to trust you, especially if you are collecting any personal or financial information.  Potential customers are savvy enough today to look for indications of a secure site prior to transacting.  Therefore you should make sure you have verified the following information:

  • DNS registration access rights and credentials
  • Correct and current Whois contact information
  • Registrar Locked domain status

4. Ensure Your Site is Visible in Search Results: While websites are in development, webmasters or developers often limit search engine spider access by blocking them in the robots.txt or .htaccess files, or with meta tags.  Make sure that once your site is developed and you are ready to launch, you remove these blocks so that each page on your domain can be indexed by search engines.

You should also be thinking about new ways to improve your keyword rankings, so that your website is more visible in search results.  Things like a site audit, new content, and earning quality links from other websites all contribute to your search engine optimization efforts.

5. Invest in a Premium Domain Name:  Your domain name is your first impression for both customers and search engines.  Make sure you are adhering to best practices when selecting a domain name.   It should be short and memorable, and easy for your customers to find you.

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