Keep Your Small Business Competitive: Get a Website

Stay Competitive-Get a Website

Did you know that a quarter of small businesses don’t have a website [1]? That means somewhere around 7,000,000 small businesses are operating without an online presence right now [2]. That’s a hard figure to swallow when you consider how technology-dependent our society has become. The fact of the matter is a small business that doesn’t have a website is hurting its own wellbeing and profitability. It doesn’t matter if your small business is old or new, one employee or ten employees, or operating on main street or out of your garage- a small business needs a website to stay competitive. Still not convinced you need to build a website ASAP? These are the only three reasons you need to change your mind.

Websites strengthen your credibility. If you think that your business is too small for customers to be researching online, think again. In 2014, 93% of potential customers had used the internet to find a local business [3]. If customers can’t find you, you might as well be handing over all their business to your competitors on a silver platter. Websites are a resource for customers to compare and contrast hours, menus, product offerings, and prices. Without a website, your small business will go under the radar when customers are researching their options. Stay competitive and make your small business known! Don’t let your competitors steal your customers over something as simple as a website.

Websites create marketing opportunities and help increase sales. Without a website, a customer cannot form any positive opinions about your business. Something as simple as, “The menu looks delicious,” can persuade a customer to spend money on your products and services. These impressions help build your brand, reputation, and credibility. A website is a blank canvas that can be used to express all of your business’ most essential selling points. Want to explain what your business’ differentiating qualities are or your company history? A website is the perfect way to do so. When your website aligns with your marketing initiatives and key selling points, you’ll have a powerful tool to drive sales. A basic website will get you by, but a well designed and mobile friendly site will make your business look professional. Add an e-commerce store and you’ll have maximum sales potential.

Websites provide instant communication and customer service. A website creates an instant communication channel. Customers are able to access the information they want when they want it. And when customers have access to your business’ contact information, they are given the opportunity to seek out more information if necessary. A website not only builds awareness about your products and services, but the right information will help reduce misconceptions or misunderstandings. Further, when customers have access to contact information, they have a chance to express their unhappiness with your services. Your business then has a prime opportunity to turn that negative experience around and establish strong customer relations.

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