Pursuing Google’s Algorithm

Playing by Google’s Rules

Google’s algorithm will always be a concern of any business pursuing a SEO marketing strategy. But at what point should you draw the line between playing by Google’s rules and just publishing the content that you want to publish? You can certainly pursue the algorithm, creating content that will be beneficial in search ranking or you can focus on producing distinctive information and incorporate the algorithms rules as you go.
Google's Algorithm
There is no right answer to this question. Determining the best approach is unique to your business because the right balance is crucial to your online success. While some businesses may require spending more time on SEO to improve rankings and visibility, others may be content with their standings and only need to maintain what they are already doing.

So how can you make the best decision for your business? Consider the following three tips before determining which approach is for you.

No One Has All the Answers

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t provide an instructional manual on how to master their algorithm. There is no sure way to reach the number one position or have the guarantee of the highest click through rate. There is a fair amount of trial and error involved, so you it’s essential that you stick with or change your SEO strategy in order to try new approaches to the algorithm.

You must also keep in mind that the algorithm could change at any time. The Panda and Penguin Updates are great examples of this. There will always be uncertainty around when the next update will be released and what it will change, but what is certain is that Google is always improving their algorithm, which means you must be prepared to change your strategy.

Google is the Search Engine Powerhouse

It’s hard enough trying to keep up with Google and then try to play by the rules of Bing and Yahoo! Search engines as well. Since nearly three-quarters of all internet users choose to search on Google, give yourself a break and focus on mastering just one search engine instead of all of them.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Business for Google

Keeping informed about updates and the algorithm in general is important, but losing your business voice and creativity because of the algorithm is not worth it. Sure you can create blog content that helps SEO, but don’t flood it with so many keywords that it doesn’t make sense to your consumers anymore.

Consumers are king, even for Google. The whole purpose Google has developed an algorithm is to bring consumers the most relevant results to what they are searching for. So rather than focusing on what Google wants, consider what your customers want. Continue to provide information that is relevant to your business and Google will recognize that your efforts match what your customers want.

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