SEO Misconceptions According to Matt Cutts

SEO diagram

Are you focusing your attention on the right SEO efforts?

Given the complexity of Google’s search algorithm, there’s bound to be many misconceptions about how the search engine actually works. In an effort to master SEO, marketers have tried several different approaches, everything from blogging with the right keywords to link building, but the question still remains, what actually works?

Matt Cutts, Google’s SEO Guru, posted a video last week addressing common misconceptions people have about SEO. He brought to light that many people believe that link building is the most important SEO tactic and spend far too much time searching for linking opportunities. While it is necessary to place links in the right places, Cutts emphasizes that focusing on and improving user experience on your website is far more valuable when it comes to SEO.

In many previous video addresses, Cutts continues to say that Google strives to connect customers with the absolute best matches for their searches. Google values what consumers do, in the sense that a user friendly site that appeals to consumers will also appeal to Google.

With that being said, Cutts emphasis on user experience makes perfect sense. A website that provides a compelling design, easy navigation, an efficient experience, and relevant content will not only be preferable to consumers, but also favorable in Google search rankings.

Taking into consideration that SEO takes time and effort, Cutts advice provides a better focus for those trying to overcome the challenges that SEO presents. Overall, Cutts message is that SEO is not dependent on one single factor, and putting emphasis on only one form of SEO can hurt your actual outcome. So instead of focusing solely on link building, individuals should be supplementing their links with a quality user experience as well.

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