The Do’s and Don’ts of Google Adwords

Google Adwords graphic

Don’t waste advertising funds on a paid search campaign that won’t work for your business.

Unlike organic marketing, where trial and error is an acceptable approach, paid marketing requires a bit more strategy in order to justify the investment.  If you are preparing to launch a new Google AdWords campaign, you’ll want to make sure that you are avoiding these common mistakes in order to earn a profitable return.

Do Send Traffic to Relevant Pages

In the process of developing your ad campaign, you’ll want to make strategic linking decisions. Instead of sending all traffic to your homepage, where searchers will only be confused by the irrelevant content, you’ll want to make sure that the connection between keyword and landing page makes sense. Since you are paying for each click, you want to make the most of each viewer that actually clicks on your advertisement. Consumers who commit to clicking should be directed to relevant and appropriate pages that are related to the term they searched and exactly what the ad promised. By misleading consumers and sending all traffic to one particular page, you are not only losing potential customers’ interest, but also any profit on your investment in paid search.

Don’t Pack Your Ad with Keywords

If you’re trying to optimize your investment by packing as many keywords as possible into your ad, you are doing it wrong. While it makes sense to try to incorporate the greatest amount of keywords as possible, this is not an effective approach. Jam packing your ad with keywords is confusing and will have a negative effect on your traffic potential.

Instead of trying to create an all-in-one campaign, you should develop a few different campaigns with varying ads targeted to specific keywords. This will help you to determine which ones in particular are the most effective and target the right audience for your business.

Do Evaluate Your Ads

Many companies make the mistake of creating their campaigns and then “forgetting” about them. While you would like to think that your campaign will work perfectly the first time around, it’s important to evaluate your ads after their debut. If you have more than one version of your advertisement, you’ll especially want to determine which is drawing the most clicks and creating the greatest conversion rates. By taking the time to analyze and understand the metrics of your paid search campaign, you can work to earn the greatest return on your investment.

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