Are You Maximizing Your Time?

infinite time

Time really is of the essence, especially when you are building your brand and small business. Here are some tips to maximize your time:

Prioritize.  You may think at first that everything seems important and wonder how you will get around to completing everything.  Before overscheduling yourself, ask yourself if a task is truly necessary.  Your schedule should be directed towards attaining tangible goals, so make sure the tasks you are scheduling to reach those goals are moving you forward and not just wasting your time.

Stick to your agenda.  Many of us love to organize an agenda and visualize what needs to be done and how to allocate our time.  The problem is very few of actually follow through with the agenda, and the agenda itself ends up becoming a time waster itself.  Stick to your agenda and the steps you are taking to reach that tangible goal.

Always start with the most difficult task.  Remember, Mark Twain’s suggestion? “Eat a live frog first think in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Apply this to your agenda, and to building your business in general.  By tacking your most difficult tasks first, everything else will seem to be that much easier.

Infuse some fun into your schedule.  Combine your tasks with fun and exercise so that they will become enjoyable, but also allow you to get more done at once.  One suggestion might include replacing a meeting around the conference table with one on a walking trail. While getting some exercise you’ll also stimulate more creative and natural discussions.

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