Success Story: A Picture Perfect Domain Name

The Last Sunset
Travel and photography go hand in hand. The desires to document a new place you’re visiting for the first time or to recapture the memories of your favorite locations often result in beautiful photographs. These creative and unique photographs deserved to be shared. That was the idea behind Christopher Norberg’s business,

Hawaii Photography

Christopher wanted to create an online community for photographers living in, or visiting, the Hawaiian Islands where they could post, share, and discuss their work. With its paradise-like landscape and crystal blue waters, Hawaii is truly a photographer’s dream, making Christopher confident that his free photography network would be hugely popular.

The best way to retain that confidence and ensure his idea’s success was to stay focused on a single goal. The site was intended to be a place for photographers to enjoy, and therefore every decision needed to benefit those that would be using the site daily. One of the best decisions Christopher made was choosing an intuitive, easy-to-remember domain name to get those users there in the first place.  Reflecting on his domain name purchase, Christopher has noted that “with, there’s little to do as far as promotion thanks to the power of our domain name.” Having a great domain name has allowed him to focus on what he does best: “I make sure my visitors are happy with the content they find, and my traffic grows quite naturally.”

If you’d like to explore what Christopher has made with his domain purchase, visit and join the exchange of Hawaii images captured in photography.

A great business starts with a name. Look for your own premium art domain or premium travel domain and be found.

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