Want a Four-Letter Dot-Com Name?

4 letter dot coms

According to research done by WhoAPI.com in 2013, there are no four letter .com domain names available to purchase under primary registration.  Also known as LLLL.com names, these domains are often sought out by business owners and domain investors, as the letters are typically used as short hand for business names, and provide owners with an easier way to be found online.

Some letter combinations are considered premium (a, b, d, and e, for example), while letters like q, z, and y and z are less valuable due to their popularity in the English language.   All in all there are 456,976 potential combinations of LLLL.com names, and all have been registered by individuals or investors.

The good news is that BuyDomains has over 35,000 4 letter .com names available for sale, including 20,000 .com names, 12,500 .net names, and more.  Four letter domain names have proven to hold their value over time, and pay for themselves many times over.

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