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Gaming: Tap into Your Inner Child

A secondary world beyond reality.

Consisting of physical games and software, consoles, online games and software, and accessories, the video gaming industry currently earns $38.2 billion in revenue in the United States. With the ever changing environment of technology, this industry has promise to continue increasing by an annual rate of 4.0% over the next five years, bringing total revenue potential to $46.4 billion.

As this industry continues to grow, both nationally and worldwide, a game domain offers endless development possibilities. Whether your goal is to target Xbox gamers, which include 20 million players who have spent a total 17 billion hours on Xbox live, or the casual online gaming market, there's tremendous potential for a game domain in today's market.

Given the gaming industries extensive product offerings, you have the opportunity to specialize in an area of your own expertise. As serious gamers complete and master entire games, they are always waiting and willing for a new challenge. So take advantage of a new game domain today and tap into the demand of gamers all around the globe.

A New Game Domain for a "New" Generation of Gamers.

Social gaming attracts a new audience of gaming consumers.

When you think of an avid gamer, most imagine the stereotypical image of a young male glued to the television or computer screen, crazily manipulating a controller to defeat his opponents in the virtual world. A new demographic of gamers, however, has emerged with the introduction of social media and the social games that have resulted. While they may not favor the intense combat of traditional gamers, social gamers have come to include adults who enjoy passing time and interacting with others through simple games such as FarmVille, Words with Friends, and other social games.

With social games being less focused on a competition, and more geared towards wasting time and conversation starting on social platforms, they have attracted an older audience. Over 58% of the current social gaming users are over 40 years old, with the majority being married with children. The gaming market has become more open to the everyday individual, expanding opportunities for an online game domain.

While this new audience may not be engaged with a particular game for hours on end, they certainly are plugged in on a daily basis, either through mobile applications or their personal computers. This opens up the perfect opportunity to develop a game domain name. With a growing and more diverse audience, you have the chance to pick from diverse target markets in order to find the consumers that will best fit your new game domain.